Great flood earth dating

We cannot here reconcile the many complicated geological issues related to the Flood. But, for sure, a cataclysmic, worldwide flood would have had an enormous effect on the surface of the planet.

Ancient Days : A Universal Flood: 3000 BC : by David

Braidwood s opinion, typical of many prehistorians, is completely speculative, Prehistory means the time before written history began. Actually, more than 99 percent of man s story is prehistory. Man is probably well over a million years old, but he.

Great flood earth dating

Even in the Holy Land, a clay tablet (date ca. 1200 BC) was found with this man s name on it. He was the most popular hero in the Ancient Near East.

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Great flood earth dating

A Universal Flood: 3000 BC. Then the Flood swept over the earth. The date of the Great Flood in relation to local floods in the Mesopotamian river basin.

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